Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mirrors in Mirrors (and an answer to Parabasis' question)

What's going on right now is that we're having the posts read out loud, from the earliest posts to the latest ones, and laughing a lot at them from the audience. My favorite moment of the "show" so far has to be looking at the Preshow picture, which is of course projected on the screen which it is in fact a snapshot of. I've always been a fan of that illusion (mirrors reflecting mirrors) -- nice, the background muzak just came back on (with a vengeance) and the signal has been lost by our moderator -- so for me, there's a nice bit of theater on stage right there! And right now, I'm posting this, and we were about to shuffle the computers when they started working again... no, wait, they're actually broken, so we're switching them after all. Man. I feel like most of what I've just typed isn't relevant any more. I wonder. How many words do you think just went unread into the magical blogosphere in these last five minutes?


The Playgoer said...

no, we are not all stoned

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