Sunday, June 3, 2007

On Multiple Critics (riffing on Ludlow Lad's comment)

Based on audience responses here, I feel like I'm supposed to be writing funny things, but I'll add on to this earlier comment. I think the more reviews, the merrier. I really do. As long as these aren't reviews, you know, "This book is tote the r0xer, w00t, I tote luv when the guy does that to the other it was (SPOILER ALERT) tote AWESOME!!?!?!?!"

Back to seriousness (and a shout out to the two people using those chairs on stage right now): part of what we are trying to do with the New Theater Corps blog (through Theater Talk) is to give voices to young theatergoers who actually know, love, and care about what's going on off-Broadway and to give as many viewpoints as we can to the various shows out there. What I've found is--GASP--performances vary from night to night, especially when you go off-Broadway, where things might exponentially improve from night to night. A scene change that took five minutes on the opening night for "Don Juan in Chicago" only took two minutes when I saw it, and a show that ran almost three hours ("Lipstick on a Pig") was only two hours long when I went. This is why it's dangerous to let the Gray Lady have the last say (or first say) on everything. (Is that heresay?)


Rocco said...

Agreed. That's my favorite part about it all. You not only get a sense of how shows can be different every night. But also how people's extremely different tastes can affect their reviews.

Not to mention that a blog's review can be posted that night, as opposed to a The Paper's review coming three weeks later.

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