Sunday, June 3, 2007


or... how to create theater (without even really trying)

In what must be the ultimate over-the-shoulder reading experience, I'm watching those who are here in the Brick right now at 8:32 as they watch me (or not). I should've brought a camera, because then those of you in the remote locations could have visual updates too, but right now, I'll give you a brief synopsis of the setting.

Empty chair, empty chair, laptop, fan, empty chair, empty chair, laptop, Matt, Pam, aisle, empty chair (x5): rinse, wash and repeat to fill out the rest of the audience (five deep, at increasing heights and with intermittent attendance), and then, on stage, a disco light show projecting against the projection of the blog on a white-screen (now currently the Dell screen of death, now currently lights off, typing in the dark recesses of a memorized keyboard), and two people sitting on stage by a microphone, an ominous laptop, and more.

Here's a question, as the testing voice echoes over the theater: what does theater actually require? I mean, what does it take to have a (LOUDER) show?

I think it's fine too. Let's get to business.


Rocco said...

am I really missing a disco light show?


Aaron Riccio said...

I have an urge now to actually dance on the stage. Perhaps the Berries and Cream dance. But no... I am not that talented.

Rocco said...

That's okay. Apparently I'm not either.