Sunday, June 3, 2007

wag of the finger

Speaking of Spam, have other bloggers noticed an increase in deliberate comment-spam by theatre press rep companies?

Get some class, people. Or are they just so blog-illiterate they still don't get there is an etiquette?

Personally I delete them, btw.

So impressed there are people here!


Freeman said...

Saw that on Hunka's blog. Made me chortle. It's like "Hey Intern! I'm totally fooled by your enthusiasm towards the play you're working on! I WILL see it!"

Aaron Riccio said...

Actually, I enjoy making friends with shows on MySpace. There's nothing that says I'm popular like having all of my friends be shows that nobody's ever heard of before and which haven't played in like six months. Fleshmeet is sounding better and better.

Rocco said...

God those comments drive me up a freaking wall!

But I am amazed and impressed at the number of emails from little shows looking for a little publicity.

Really sincere emails. Its touching.

The Playgoer said...

Emails--YES. Comments-NO

Yeah, I think some folks just think the "comment" is how to email you. I might pity them...if they weren't actually in the MEDIA business!