Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Final Last Word After-The-Fact Post

Might be the beer inspiring me too, but I got home itching to blog more. So I did. Thanks to everybody who participated in this thing; good to know other people love theater too.

ok that's it everyone.

If you're in The Brick, stand up, applaud for yourself and bow. If you're at home, do the same thing and feel strange.
Thanks so much everyone!

I Just Blogged...

... on a white balloon! How cool is that? How hip, trendy, and utterly theatrical. Get on the bandwagon, you at home. It's the new thing. We'll call it loonlog. For obvious reasons. Everyone, it's been a pleasure! (And if you make it 24 hours, I'll kill someone.)

Also, more theater IS being done on screens. Just look at the MET, now in your local cineplex. (I, for one, am glad that it's working!)


let's also plug Macbeth Without Words, shall we...?


who stole my monkey fan??

it said "Why?"... that"
's my favorite question!!!

PS Cat* is the greatest ever...

really I'm writing this myself comtois

This has been a great bit of Internet

Someone should turn it into a 24-hour type thing...

I think more theatre should be done this way

On Screens.


Battery dying, so I shall bow out.

While I have no shows to promote, so may I instead beg the readership to please click on an ad next time you visit my site. Any ad???

Plugging Living Dead in Denmark

This is pretty sweet.

For a limited four-performance engagement, Vampire Cowboys resurrects its critically-acclaimed award-winning production of Living Dead in Denmark for the first National Asian American Theatre Festival. The show's original run last season garnered 5 New York Innovative Theatre Award nominations including Best Production and winner of the Best Choreography/Movement category (not to mention made it to Yours Truly's Top Ten List for 2006).

For tickets go here.

Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company presents Living Dead in Denmark June 12th through 15th at The Clurman @ Theater Row (410 W. 42nd Street).

Living Dead in Denmark is an action-adventure/horror sequel to William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Set five years after the events of the original, the play follows the story of a newly resurrected Ophelia, Juliet and Lady Macbeth and their quest to save Denmark from an army of the undead. Includes the award winning fight choreography of Marius Hanford and zombie masks/gore effects by the legendary Chuck Varga (The Sexecutioner) of GWAR.

Featuring: Carlo Alban, Alexis Black, Jason Liebman, Maggie Macdonald, Tom Myers, Melissa Paladino, Jason Schumacher, Andrea Marie Smith, Temar Underwood & Amy Kim Waschke

Written by Qui Nguyen, Directed by Robert Ross Parker

Fight director: Marius Hanford

Set and lighting designer: Nick Francone

Costume designer: Jessica Wegener

Zombie masks and gore effects: Chuck Varga

Puppet design: David Valentine

Graphic media: Nathan Lemoine

For more information, go here.

Ready to fight,

James "Zombie-Killer" Comtois

5 minute warning

Just got a five minute warning. So if you were planning on really offending anyone HURRY.

I'm waiting for Michael

To tell us to stop. It's like a Skinner box.

good night y'all

good night. you'll all be on Fitch Pitches manana. would appreciate being on your blogrolls too.

how many bloggers does it take

to screw in a light bulb?


“All this, when will all this have been . . . just play?”
- SB

is it over?

It's over, right?

Stat Check

We had about 89 posts in an hour, with god knows how many posts from other bloggers and audience members (hooray). Imagine what this collective power could do if put to continued use past this "event."

How to end blog event - a response to Freeman

I'm personally hoping for an "Oh, Calcutta" type ending. Probably because I'm drunk and am still trying to figure out this "flesh meet" thing.

And That's What the Blogosophere is For

Between all the jokes and all the gossip and all the news and all the reviews, isn't it great when a bunch of people who are passionate about theater can just communicate with one another, meet with a common interest, and recommend the really good stuff that's out there? Granted, we are the only people going to see Journey's End, but I'm going to see Eurydice now, based on tonight, so isn't that a great thing? Can't we use our collective theatergoing powers to find more good things to see and talk about as a whole?


What was the WORST show you've seen recently?


At the count of three (Berit, please count), everyone yell out the name of their favorite blog.


Totally because of the problems with posting with times and stuff. The Audience just figured it out - the Audience rocks!

george takes ride on white balloons

Still waiting for balloon post.

Red State Theatre

I put in a comment on the red state thread, but I feel like I want to post this as well:

What exactly does speaking to the concerns of red state conservatives mean? Do you suggest the American theatre devote an entire wing of itself to the promotion of hatred gussied up as Bible studies? I'm sorry, but while I've heard this argument from Mannheimer over and over, and while I respect the view, I think theatre is theatre -- the moment you begin tailoring drama for this constituency or that constituency, it is no better than the stage of the Lord Chamberlain or Soviet Russia.

Be Right Back...

Having the obligatory nic fit and am out of smokes. I'll be right back.


James "Witty Nickname" Comtois

jealous of nellie

Did anybody see Nellie McKay's piece in the Times today? I haven't had time to read the whole thing yet, but she is just... so amazing and talented. Girl is what, 23? I have a borderline-weird envy of her.


Photo from undisclosed location--although not actually taken right this second. Also, I know Jaime's not here to catblog.

If I didn't know better, I'd say that photo was the cue to talk about Cats

Or is it?

Lil' Bit About The Pretentious Fest

Gotta say, really dug Interview With the Author. For those of you that haven't seen it, I recommend you do. I was definitely a fan.

Wanting to make out with Freeman,

James "Not Gay" Comtois


I was watching this while waiting for the blogging to begin...

balloon post

I'm sending out helium balloons. Anyone have anything to post on a white balloon

wag of the finger

Speaking of Spam, have other bloggers noticed an increase in deliberate comment-spam by theatre press rep companies?

Get some class, people. Or are they just so blog-illiterate they still don't get there is an etiquette?

Personally I delete them, btw.

So impressed there are people here!

To Agree with Aaron

The Eaten Heart is really quite lovely. A great way to spend an hour in a theatre...

Bless You


Still thinking about this flesh-meet thing? For instance, who's the gray lady? What shade of grey, I mean?

If Adam can do it....

Since he's giving the shout-out for Eurydice, I think there are still a few more performances of The Debate Society's The Eaten Heart playing. Everybody here--I know who you are--should go and see it!

Kinda interesting...

I'm a bit hamstrung in wanting to write some sort of substantial post and actually sit back and read/listen to everyone else's post. I'm clearly leaning towards the later (apart from making some weird comment every now and then). Mark, Matt and Aaron, I don't know how you do it. I think of some way of commenting on the two Pretentious shows I've seen so far, but then get super-distracted. Yes, I guess I have some sort of ADD.

But what the hell? I'm getting beer.

Your drunken monkey,

James "[Hic]" Comtois

Watch Out for Blogging TOO MUCH!

I just got electronically carded by the Blogger software, as it asked me to verify my identity. Am I that boring that I can be mistaken for a computer? Are my posts that much like spam that I should be suspected as a robotic terrorist? I am irritated. Thank god I have a beer. And the motor skills required to outsmart a robot. (Did I just pass a Turing Test?)

If You Can Rotate This Picture, It's Yours


what's that mean in this situation? It'dificult to sync with room. What room?

Where I'm At...

Sitting next to me in the blogging room at the Beaumont is the director of one of the five pieces we're working on (This Bloody Mess). Behind me is one of the playwrights using the NYPL wireless to do something. I'm scared they'll see how irrelevant to my work this is, but whatever... I got off work 30 minutes ago so... yeah...

Red State Hooey

There is this odd notion in certain corners of the theater blogosphere that theater must speak to, or represent the concerns of, red state conservatives. It correlates with the outdated political notion that candidates must craft a message tailored to one elderly white male who lives in middle America, while the country is actually becoming more urban and more ethnically diverse. Plus, red state conservatives have had the entire government of the most powerful country in the history of the world speaking for them for six years now. The idea that theater should somehow also be responsible for promoting their agenda is bizarre.

Hi there

Sorry to be late to the party, although in truth I am not at the party. I am remote blogging from an undisclosed location.

I just saw eurydice. It is beautiful, amazing, breathtaking, outstanding and wonderful. Go see it.

Stop Making Sense

Gee, do I sense a difference in the quality (as in seriousness) of posts between those here and those at home?

Enjoying my Yeungling...

PS. Hey why did I just have to enter a Wod Verification? Are being hacked by Terry Teachout???

In Absentia

Since I'm in absentia, I've taken to merrily skipping around everyone else's posts, being chatty, making pithy comments, standing up for what is right, announcing my intention to defeat all that is wrong, and in general becoming wrapped in the mantle of theatrical heroism. Whereupon my nurse gives me my meds and makes me much more sedate.

On Multiple Critics (riffing on Ludlow Lad's comment)

Based on audience responses here, I feel like I'm supposed to be writing funny things, but I'll add on to this earlier comment. I think the more reviews, the merrier. I really do. As long as these aren't reviews, you know, "This book is tote the r0xer, w00t, I tote luv when the guy does that to the other it was (SPOILER ALERT) tote AWESOME!!?!?!?!"

Back to seriousness (and a shout out to the two people using those chairs on stage right now): part of what we are trying to do with the New Theater Corps blog (through Theater Talk) is to give voices to young theatergoers who actually know, love, and care about what's going on off-Broadway and to give as many viewpoints as we can to the various shows out there. What I've found is--GASP--performances vary from night to night, especially when you go off-Broadway, where things might exponentially improve from night to night. A scene change that took five minutes on the opening night for "Don Juan in Chicago" only took two minutes when I saw it, and a show that ran almost three hours ("Lipstick on a Pig") was only two hours long when I went. This is why it's dangerous to let the Gray Lady have the last say (or first say) on everything. (Is that heresay?)


Actually, you're missing a lot. In reality, there's only one person blogging and the rest of us are playing a big game of grab-ass at the Brick.

missing the party

How i it that I always feel like I'm missing the party. I meant this time i am actually literally missing the party, but fuck man, it's raining out there and I had transportation issues involving me not being able to afford a cab.

But missing the party. Are any of you at the party missing the party? It's an internal thing.


I didn't realize that the questions would be this hard...I should have studied.

i'm real i'm real

Hey! I'm here.
Do you people care at all about not blogging anonymously. Anyone? Helpful/Hurtful?

(Moxie is way hotter)


You must edit your posts and enter the correct time before posting, or it will be three hours behind.

The Dean

Once, George Hunka briefly removed Matthew Freeman from his blogroll and the offline gossip circuit was buzzing! (Matt has since been restored.)

A Question for the Ages

Who do you all think is hotter, Rocco or Moxie?

Does Rocco Exist?

So Rocco chickened out, huh?

He really is Marian Seldes, then. I guess Angela Lansbury wouldn't go on with his understudy...

If I ran the NY Times...

I'd start an op-ed page for the arts in the A&L section.

What's Going On Outside?

The police just drove by, wailing at the world. (Not the band. The popo. Am I spelling that right?) As much as we're safe and secure here, posting un-anonymously here, I always wonder, even while watching shows, what's going on whenever a siren goes by. Maybe that's why they're called sirens. I am drawn to them. And there's our Greek drama for the day. I just hope this doesn't turn into a tragedy. Anyway, I hope whoever is out there on the receiving end of those sirens is OK.

Three White Balloons

Three white balloons are hanging on the ceiling in the Brick space waiting for action.

What is action? Leave the virtual. Send something real. Talk to me.


Just realized I've never met Garrett Eisler. You here? If so, howdy.

Wasting everybody's time with insipid drivel,

James "On The Ball" Comtois

There are chairs on the stage

What the fuck are they for? Why leave us in suspense? This is just some sort of cruelty.

They just turned on music, too. I feel nothing. Why can't I feel?

Our Community

"I do find the theatre avant garde, at least as illustrated by the theatre bloggers, to be elitist, snobby, classist, and intolerant of anyone outside their clique. They demonstrate a lockstep that is creepy in the extreme." - Scott Walters, here

Fair enough

Me do as I told.


Is Johnna at Blind Squirrel Bloggings here? She totally said she was going to come.

Mirrors in Mirrors (and an answer to Parabasis' question)

What's going on right now is that we're having the posts read out loud, from the earliest posts to the latest ones, and laughing a lot at them from the audience. My favorite moment of the "show" so far has to be looking at the Preshow picture, which is of course projected on the screen which it is in fact a snapshot of. I've always been a fan of that illusion (mirrors reflecting mirrors) -- nice, the background muzak just came back on (with a vengeance) and the signal has been lost by our moderator -- so for me, there's a nice bit of theater on stage right there! And right now, I'm posting this, and we were about to shuffle the computers when they started working again... no, wait, they're actually broken, so we're switching them after all. Man. I feel like most of what I've just typed isn't relevant any more. I wonder. How many words do you think just went unread into the magical blogosphere in these last five minutes?

Time Lag Issues

Ian et al. ..I'm having that problem too-- Blogger is screwed up.

What you need to do is...@ the bottom fo the screen under "Post Options" make sure that the TIME in the Post Time and Date is correct. Or at least AFTER the last post published on the blog.

To Quote Marvin Gaye

What's going on?

Set Up

Berit is going to be reading each post.


Should we perhaps dedicate tonight's proceedings to the memory of Steve Galliard? Mark, what say you?


Here's what the screen looks like, for those of you playing at home. Everyone is setting up. So far, Garrett, Aaron, Matt (now modifier-free!) and Ian are here. Oh, me too.

Good Evening

Just saying hello as well. Got the democratic debate on in the background, chamomile in hand, ready to go. Freeman - stop tempting us with the Dumont burger mention. May have to order delivery later. I dig this remote thing.

Hey Aaron

What do you mean by (LOUDER) in your question?


or... how to create theater (without even really trying)

In what must be the ultimate over-the-shoulder reading experience, I'm watching those who are here in the Brick right now at 8:32 as they watch me (or not). I should've brought a camera, because then those of you in the remote locations could have visual updates too, but right now, I'll give you a brief synopsis of the setting.

Empty chair, empty chair, laptop, fan, empty chair, empty chair, laptop, Matt, Pam, aisle, empty chair (x5): rinse, wash and repeat to fill out the rest of the audience (five deep, at increasing heights and with intermittent attendance), and then, on stage, a disco light show projecting against the projection of the blog on a white-screen (now currently the Dell screen of death, now currently lights off, typing in the dark recesses of a memorized keyboard), and two people sitting on stage by a microphone, an ominous laptop, and more.

Here's a question, as the testing voice echoes over the theater: what does theater actually require? I mean, what does it take to have a (LOUDER) show?

I think it's fine too. Let's get to business.

The thing is impossible

I'm rained upon. My girlfriend is sitting behind me, full of a happy cheeseburger from Dumont. I just did my show for the Pretentious Festival. I wish I was asleep. Instead, I am testing this "blog."

I am not at an undisclosed location. I am, in fact, present. Because it's THEATRE bitches.

An Ending

We are ending with my favorite music cue of all time in the background:

"The Message" from VAMPYROS LESBOS.

Ya know what?

Qui's also working on MACBETH WITHOUT WORDS. It's gonna rock Jame's balls!

Oh well then...

Let's plug Macbeth Without Words too, shall we?

This has been a great bit of Internet

Someone should turn it into a 24-hour type of thing...

Five Minutes All

JUst calling it so there's some kind of ending . . .

With sad Ennio Morricone music playing behind us here . . .

Aaron is very nice

It's making me look like a prick. I resent it.

Which is your favorite non-theatre related blog?

Tell us. Tell us all.

When this is over

Are we expected to, like, bow?


So other people can totally post as "The Audience" as well, just don't expect it to be as good.

Does anyone feel like

They're in an improv game and someone just pointed at you and said "Go!"

I am being asked to think. This is not what I signed up for. I signed up for... um. Shit. This is all my fault.


That's where we "flesh-meet." In Meatspace.

Come clean

Have you ever actually read Howard Barker? I totally haven't?



does it seem like the audience is screaming?

If I ran the NY Times

I would send myself to review all my shows. I mean seriously, I would be so famous. Which is, of course, not important.

Gardner here.

I have now set up a bulky table in the aisle with Robert's laptop.
Intrepid audience members can come to this computer and blog.
Hi, Berit. Does the back of my head look ok?

Synchronize Your Laptops

Okay, we need to sync computers or something - I keep making new posts and they're going back earlier than ones from hours ago.



It took me a little while to get set up and online. So now I'm ready. What I miss?

The soaked fat kid in the front row,

James "Sexy Bitch" Comtois

Time Check

I just discovered that if the times on the computers are different, we'll be posting all out of order. I'm putting up new posts and they're going back before earlier ones from hours ago.


Gyda Arber is in the audience here and is very VERY disappointed you couldn't make it in person.

You missed out on some groupie action, man . . .


The Setting Up

Still, getting it together. Berit will be reading the posts and comments live into a mic, but there is more questions coming up as to how much to read, etc.

Also, Michael Gardner is concerned about posting some "moderator" questions - I worry that if that winds up becomning more like an IM session, and not actual "blogging" - we might as all be in a chat room then, right.

Ah, he's going to post on the computer set up for audience members to post on . . . that'll work . . .



As I ail, or not ail but recover from ailing, I'm popping in my 2 cents remotely, yo. Call it illin' but willin'.


The Blogging Event Impends

I've touched down in Williamsburg for The Impending Theatrical Blogging Event and I think the outlet I've plugged my laptop in may fry my computer. If it doesn't, I'll be liveblogging here beginning at 9 p.m.

I got here early to check out Matt Freeman's show at the Pretentious Festival and it was indeed the most fucking pretentious thing I've ever seen. I'm not sure if he secretly loves Sarah Ruhl or totally resents her, but the show was really funny. Well done Freeman!

Crossposted at Mr. Excitement News

hello lovelies

Just testing this here blog-o-matic out, here at my rainy remote location. Looking forward to "chatting" with you all in a bit...


Deep in the Belly of the Beast

My remote location is in the bowels of My Current Employer... I'm writing on a very old computer (it can't use Flash! Yay!). I've decided to stay late at work so I can virtually attend the Impending Thingamajigger.

According to legend, My Current Employer has a dressing room somewhere that has one of those state of the art Japanese Musical Toilets... you know, the ones with the bidet setting?

Oh the Glamour!

I'm hoping someone got my voicemail

Test... Test

Is this thing on?

Ludlow Lad checking in from Undisclosed Location #52

“Are you listening to me?
Is anyone listening to me?
Is anyone looking at me?

Is anyone bothering about me at all?”

- Samuel Beckett

Old School Blog Workshop

I've brought a helium tank and some white balloons. Also at the workshop booth there will be a supply of string, scotch tape, post-it notes, and toy soldiers, if need be.

Think about the airborne corporeal posts you should send. Statistics have shown that this technique of blogging with helium balloons provides as many readers as modern blogging methods do.

I tied this soldier to the Great White with scotch tape and Captain Ahab's last words.

"Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale; to the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee. Sink all coffins and all hearses to one common pool! and since neither can be mine, let me then tow to pieces, while still chasing thee, though tied to thee, thou damned whale! Thus, I give up the spear!"

Test Post From Wee Young James

Hey gang. I'm here at the Brick, writing a test post to see if I can indeed post entries for this Impending Blog Event.
Your intrepid and pretentious blogger,
James "Humble Pie" Comtois

Tech Time

Ian Hill here. I'm here with Nick and James Comtois at our tech time. So this is a test post.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


At last something other than my blog to flog. I tip my cyber hat at my fellow bloggers and look forward to maniacally blogging beside you on Sunday.

Leonard J.